Pew End Selections


The Styling of our Colonial church pew ends bring to mind early America. Each pew end features a raised panel or a routed design, and all are available plain.

Colonial Vinyl White Finish

Virginia Church Furniture, continually the innovator in religious furnishings, uses a white vinyl finishing process on all colonial furniture. This durable vinyl finish is easily cleaned and resists the scuff marks and scratches associated with the standard "painted" finishes. Our vinyl colonial finish is available in colors from beige to bright white, to provide your establishment with the perfect church pews.

► Conventional Pew Ends

  • NO Particleboard

  • NO Chipcore

  • NO Veneers

Solid Wood Ends


Pew End #100
Pew End #102
Pew End #104
Pew End #105WB
Pew End #103
Pew End #105
Pew End #106C
Pew End #105C
 Conventional Pew Ends
Pew End #300A
Pew End #300B
Pew End #400w/Cross
Pew End #300
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