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Cat. No. 231
H-42 W-24 D-20
Cat. No. 232
H-48 W-24 D-20
Cat. No. 233
H-38 W-20 D-20
Cat. No. 496A
H-31.5 W-27.5 D-27
Cat. No. 336
H-32 W-20 D-22
Cat. No. 91
H-33.5 W-22 D-20
Cat. No. 496
H-36.5 W-23 D-27
Cat. No. 900
H-32 W-36 D-36
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The Huntington Chair is versatility at its finest. It is available without a bookrack or with your choice of two bookracks. A rear mounted bookrack is also available. You may select from literally hundreds of combinations of fabrics, finishes and woods.

Cat. No. 220
H-34 W-19.5 D-21
►Casket Bier
Cat. No. 2111
H-22 W-70 D-26
#50 Chair - 162 - 188

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