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 Before you begin browsing through the almost limitless possibilities presented in this catalog of church furniture and furnishings, we'd like you to participate in a simple experiment: find a comfortable chair and have a seat.

Take a moment to think how soothing it feels to sit down: your leg muscles have a chance to relax and loosen; think of how the back rest feels against muscles in your shoulders and back; notice the comfortable support in the seat cushions; even become aware of where the chair touches the back of your knee.

We at Virginia Church Furniture have studied the ways comfort directly affects how a person thinks, behaves and reacts. As you read about our church furniture, we want you to be relaxed and comfortable, so you'll be more attentive and be able to concentrate better. We want to help you achieve the same goals with every member of your church congregation. 

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Church Pews

Comfort is a primary consideration in designs by Virginia Church Furniture.

But we are also concerned with much, much more.

Affordability: We understand the constraints of a church budget; our most affordable church pews and furniture are still of Church Pewsour best quality, durability, and design for maximum comfort. We can give you top quality church pews at reasonable prices because we alone have complete control over the entire manufacturing process.

From the lumber yards to the kilns and dimension plants to the trucks, we own and manage and control this business every step of the way. So we can ensure efficiency, guarantee quality, and control costs. And you are the beneficiary.

Church PewsBeauty: Simply look at the brochure to see the beauty of experienced woodworking skills and the grain of quality Appalachian hardwoods. Choose any style and finish you desire for your church pews. Our finishing process gives your church pews and furniture the precise shade and the handsome luster you would expect.

Our church furniture is made of only the finest fabrics selected for beauty, suitability, and durability in our upholstering. And all of our woods, finishes and fabrics come in a wonderful variety, so we can help you achieve virtually any interior design you can imagine. We offer a complete line of unique Designer Fabrics©

Church PulpitsDependability: Selecting church pews and other furnishings should be something you and your church do only once. Our wood is sealed with a scratch-resistant finish, and the sturdy Virginia Church Furniture Dependabilityframe construction ensures your new furniture will last and last and last. Our fabrics come from one of the oldest and finest suppliers in the business.

Our goals are much like yours: fill your worship center with beautiful, quality church pews and furniture, to create just the effect you have in mind. Virginia Church Furniture also hopes to become a company you will enjoy telling others about as you enjoy your new selections for years to come.

Church Pews

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