Church Pews

Do you know the difference between good church pews and bad ones, and WANT MORE FOR YOUR MONEY?

Beautifully handcrafted custom furniture

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Church Pews Starting at $48

The Alpha Pew Series

The Comfortable Alternative to Uncomfortable Church Pews or Chairs!!
Virginia Church Furniture introduces The Alpha Series church pews. Entirely affordable, starting at $48 linear foot with your choice of either end treatment.*

Lifetime Warranty

Your Choice of Standard Fabrics, Solid Oak Pew ends and supports

No Particle Board or Veneers

Tallest "Standard" Church Pew on the Market

More Comfortable than Church Chairs

Available in Single and Double (optional)

*Add delivery and installation


Virginia Church Furniture is your one stop source for church furnishings and all of your church needs. We Specialize in church pulpits, steeples, stained glass, baptistery products, church pews, seating, metal church chairs, as well as, other church furniture or furnishing products for you building.

We Refinish or Refurbish and Reupholster Existing Church Pews.

Let our company design and manufacture your custom furnishing products for your worship center. We are your one stop source for church pews and furnishings including church stained glass, pulpits, baptistery products, seating, metal church chairs, and even church steeples. Our craftsmen are capable of creating, duplicating or reproducing any type of custom church furniture and furnishing products. Using a wide variety of wood species and years of handcraftsmanship and woodworking experience, we can offer you truly unique church furniture products.

Our goal is to fill your place of worship with beautiful, handcrafted wood church furniture and furnishing products to create just the effect you have in mind. For more information on what products and accessories we can create for you, call one of our sales representatives today.  We can totally furnish your worship area or church baptistery.

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